Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:30 -11.30 ABC:Abs,Butt,Core  UBB: Upper Body Blast ABC:Abs,Butt,Core
12.30-17.30 Privates & Duets  Privates & Duets Privates & Duets
18:00-19:00 UBB: Upper Body Blast ABC:Abs,Butt,Core UBB: Upper Body Blast  




19:30-20:30  Pilates for Golf Tower & mat Pilates for Golf

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• Please note group classes are taught in English and private classes are taught in English or French.
• Our private and group  Pilates classes take place Monday to Thursday and last 55 min.
• Group Mat classes are small with a maximum of 8 people (*minimum 2 participants).
• SpringTone ® and Tower&Mat have a maximum of 5 people.
• If you take 3 classes a week for 6-8 weeks you will start to see the results.
• Prices vary from individual purchased classes to package deals.
• Call us today and take the first step toward a super toned healthy body.

Class Description:

SpringTone- You don’t need anything more than the resistance  of the Pilates springs to raise  your heart rate,  get that muscle burn you crave and  challenge your whole body. SpringTone® is the ideal full body workout class using various weighted springs to strengthen and sculpt your whole body. In this class “you’ll heat up, tone up and lean out”  all while having a blast.

Tower & Mat– These classes utilizes the Pilates Tower System to help build long, lean musculature,  it helps increase range of motion and unilateral movement by utilizing various attachments – springs, push through bar, and pull down bar. It builds much more strength than people realize as you have to keep the core engaged to manage the spring tension.

Pilates for Golf- Bring more power and control to your golf game in our Pilates for Golf class.
This class increases mobility, build stability and improve the overall swing. Learn how to harness the power of the breath to bring focus and connection, improve range of motion in the shoulders and hips, and develop greater torso rotation – all major components of an outstanding swing.

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