Inspiration Pilates was founded by Habiba Benchaib a qualified  Pilates Instructor, who is dedicated to the benefits of the Pilates method and has been practicing yoga,  and Pilates for over 20 years.

Habiba was introduced to the Pilates method nearly 25 years ago and was hooked from that very first mat class. The Pilates method, she found, is infinitely challenging in and of itself — but it also instills a sense of physical and mental confidence that prepares one to participate in other types of fitness activities . She was especially drawn to the key principles of Pilates – control, breathing and concentration, which helped her manage a demanding travel schedule during her  career as a flight attendant. She has learned the importance and value of a regular Pilates routine to keep a strong back and a healthy spine, to go through the hectic and stressful lifestyle that involved a lot of jet lag and heavy lifting.

In 2005 Habiba decided to become a fully certified Pilates instructor, and is eager to share all its benefits, both physical and mental, with you! Her vision of Inspiration Pilates has led her to focus on Strength Control and Power as the basis of her practice.

Habiba has an international background, gaining her qualification in Pilates (Certificate IV) in Sydney Australia and has worked extensively throughout Europe, Cyprus, Switzerland, England and Asia, before settling down in Marbella to open her new Pilates Centre. Habiba has also worked as a flight attendant  for many years, during which time she has experienced Pilates’ benefits first hand, taking Pilates classes to relieve stress and corrective alignment Pilates to strengthen her back and to maintain a healthy spine. She is passionate about the importance of Pilates as a preventive method for body maintenance, improving body awareness, alignment, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Habiba teaches a broad range of Pilates movements and techniques using the latest Pilates machines at her Marbella based Pilates studio. She has worked with clients, with conditions such as, ski injuries, cancer patients, Scoliosis (mainly teenagers), myopathy, osteoporosis and also pregnancy Pilates (both pre and post natal).

Multilingual friendly service
Fluent in English ,French and Arabic (with a working proficiency in Spanish and  Italian), Habiba has a calm and relaxed manner which together with her language skills enables her to communicate effectively with clients of all nationalities and

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