Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
09.30am – 10.30amPrivate & duetsTower&Mat*SpringTone ®*
10:30am - 11.30amTower&Mat*SpringTone ®*Tower&Mat*
11.30am - 12.30amSpringTone ®*Tower&Mat* SpringTone ®*
14.30am – 15.00 pmPilates for Lunch*Pilates for Lunch*Pilates for Lunch*
15.30pm – 6.30pmPrivate & duetsPrivate & duetsPrivate & duets
6.30pm – 7.25pmSpringTone ®Mat Found*SpringTone ®
7.30pm – 8.25mPilates for Golf*SpringTone ®*Mat Found*
8.30pm – 9.25pmMat Found*Pilates for Golf*SpringTone ®

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*Minimum of 3 people per session.

Please note group classes are taught in English and private classes are taught in English or French.

Our private and group Pilates classes take place Tuesday to Friday and last 55 min. Group Mat Pilates classes are relatively small with a maximum of 8 people (minimum 3 participants). SpringTone ® and Tower and Mat with a maximum of 4 people.

If you take 3 classes a week for 6-8 weeks you will start to see the results.

Prices vary from individual purchased classes to package deals.

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